There is a wide-variety of medication categories available to provide relief from chronic spinal pain.  One example is a class of potent pain medications known as opiates (ex, morphine.) When used carefully, and in appropriate doses, these medications are excellent for both short-term pain relief and occasionally long-term pain relief.  Neuropathic pain, defined as pain associated with damage or irritation of nerves can also be treated with a separate class of pain medications (ex, Gabapentin, Cymbalta.)Other classes of medications used to supplement the effects of the above medications include anti-inflammatories (ex. Ibuprofen), muscle relaxants (ex. Skelaxin), and topical medications (ex. Lidoderm). These medications, sometimes in combination with formal rehabilitation programs and/or therapeutic injections, can provide substantial long-term relief of chronic spinal pain.To learn more about our pharmacology treatment options, contact us.