Spinal Cord Stimulation

For patients with spinal pain secondary to chronic nerve pain (neuropathic pain), a technology called spinal cord stimulation is available to provide substantial pain relief. This is typically a technology reserved for patients who have failed other conservative treatments including injection-based therapies. In spinal cord stimulation, electrical leads are inserted into the epidural space via a needle under live imaging.  Through these leads, small electrical currents are applied to the areas of the spinal cord involved in pain. These electrical impulses interfere with the transmission of pain signals to the brain and relieve pain without causing the side effects that medications can cause, while replacing the pain with a mild, pleasant tingling sensation.

Initially a trial period from 3-10 days is performed with the electrical leads connected to an external generator. The trial is successful if the patient notices significant reduction of their pain, reduction of pain medication usage, and improvement in function. Once a successful trial is noted, a small, permanent, programmable generator can be implanted under the skin for long-term relief.

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