Spine Treatments and Surgery Procedures

Florida Hospital Orlando Spine Center provides a wide range of treatment options ranging from pain management to some of the most advanced minimally invasive procedures in the nation.

If you are experiencing neck or back pain, surgery might be needed. Our leading team of neurosurgeons from the Spine Center at Florida Hospital Orlando provides all your treatment options in one place. Our goal is to provide you the most advanced spinal care in the country while navigating you through the different steps towards a stable future. We concentrate our efforts on providing the latest surgical procedures that are offered at only a handful of centers in the country and will get you back on your feet quicker with minimal pain and scarring. With over 1,200 spinal surgeries performed each year, you can be assured that you will be treated by some of the most experienced physicians in the country. The following list includes some of the procedures being done by our physicians that are helping people get back to living a normal life.

Contact our Spine Care Coordinator to lo learn more about our treatment options and what might be best for you.